Q: How much are the call out fees for a locksmith?

A: The call our fees are all different from different locksmith companies.  We would advise to ask the locksmith company you are calling what their call out charge is, as it does differ from company to company.

Q: Do locksmiths need to be qualified?

A: Yes, locksmiths are needed to be qualified as these jobs require a locksmith that is highly qualified in locks and keys.

Q: How long does it take for a locksmith to come to you?

A: This is all dependent on availability on the locksmith and if they are close by or busy on another job.  Normally it should take about an hour.

Q: Do the carry all the correct tools?

A: All locksmiths are equipped with the correct tools needed for the job required.

Q: Can the locksmith cut keys on site? locksmiths

A: Yes, locksmith carry a cutting key machine in their equipped vehicles.

Q: If you have jammed a key in the door can a locksmith assist?

A: Yes the locksmith can definitely assist. However a new lock may be needed to be replaced or the lock will need to be taken apart to get the jammed key out. This all depends to the damaged caused by the key and the lock.  Either it will need to be replaced or fixed and placed back.

Q: Do locksmiths work 24 hours?

A: Yes, most locksmiths do work 24hours as a situation can occur at any given time.

Q:  Can A locksmith open car lock if you have locked your keys in your car?

A: Yes all locksmiths are able to assist with car locks.  Best is to advise the locksmith which vehicle it is so they have the correct tools needed.